Tritrichomonas enteris

Synonym: Trichomonas enteris Christl, 1954.

Hosts: Ox, zebu.

Location: Cecum, colon.

Geographic Distribution: Germany, India, probably worldwide.

Prevalence: Common in Bavaria, according to Christl (1954).

Morphology: The body is 6 to 12 u long and 5 to 6 u wide. Three anterior flagella of equal length arise from a single blepharoplast. The flagellum at the edge of the undulating membrane is single, without an accessory filament. The undulating membrane extends 3/4 of the body length, and a free flagellum extends beyond the undulating membrane. The axostyle is straight, slender, bent like a spoon around nucleus, and extends at the most 1/4 of the body length beyond the body. Subcostal granules are present.

Tritrichomonas sp

Host: Ox.

Location: Feces.

Geographic Distribution: North America (Maryland).

Morphology: Diamond (1957) cultivated this form from calf feces. He did not describe it except to say that it resembled T. batrachorum.

Tritrichomonas equi

Synonyms: Trichomonas equi.

Host: Horse.

Location: Cecum, colon.

Geographic Distribution: Presumably worldwide, altho it has been reported specifically only from South Africa and the U.S. (Iowa).

Prevalence: Fantham (1921) found T. equi very rarely and in very small numbers in horses in South Africa. Hsiung (1930) found it on several occasions in Iowa.

Morphology: According to Hsiung (1930), T. equi measures about 11 by 6 u and seems to possess 3 anterior flagella and an undulating membrane. The axostyle is slender.