Other species of Trichomonas

Trichomonas macacovaginae Hegner and Ratcliffe, 1927 occurs in the vagina of the rhesus monkey. It measures 8 to 16 by 3 to 6 u and has a free posterior flagellum, a feature which differentiates it from T. vaginalis.

T. microti Wenrich and Saxe, 1950 occurs in the cecum of the Norway rat, house mouse, goldkn hamster, vole (Microtus pennsylvanicus) and other wild rodents. It is 4 to 9 u long. Simitch, Petrovitch and Lepech (1954) transmitted it from the white mouse to the laboratory rat, guinea pig, ground squirrel (Citellus citellus), dog and cat, but were unable to infect the chicken and a human volunteer. Wenrich and Saxe (1950) transmitted if from the vole to the laboratory rat, hamster and guinea pig, but could not infect a human volunteer.