Isospora Natalensis

Host: Man.

Location: Unknown. Oocysts found in feces.

Geographic Distribution: Africa (Natal).

Prevalence: Elsdon-Dew (1953) found this species in 2 persons in Natal.

Morphology: The oocysts are subspherical, 25 to 30 by 21 to 24 u. The oocyst wall is smooth and thin, without a micropyle. An oocyst polar granule and oocyst residuum are absent. The sporocysts are ellipsoidal, 17 by 12 u, without a Stieda body. A sporocyst residuum is present. The sporulation time is 1 day.

Life Cycle: Unknown.

Pathogenesis: Unknown.

Remarks: When Elsdon-Dew and Freedman (1953) first saw this form, they thought that it was I. rivolta. However, it differs morphologically from that species.