Isospora Heissini

Host: Domestic turkey.

Location: Unknown. Oocysts found in feces.

Geographic Distribution: USSR (Kazakhstan).

Morphology: The oocysts are spherical or rarely broadly ovoid, 25 to 33 u in diameter, with a mean of 31 by 30 u. The oocyst wall is greenish, smooth, double contoured (illustrated with a single layer), and 1.5 to 1.7 u thick. A micropyle is apparently absent. An oocyst polar granule is present. An oocyst residuum is absent. The sporocysts are spherical or ovoid and pointed at one end, 15 by 10 u. A sporocyst residuum is absent. The sporozoites are oval, 7 to 9 by 4 to 5 u. The sporulation time is 16 to 20 hours at 20 to 25° C.

Life Cycle: Unknown.

Pathogenesis: Unknown.

Remarks: Svanbaev (1955) found this species only in turkeys up to 4 months of age.