Isospora Almataensis

Host: Pig.

Location: Unknown. Oocysts found in feces.

Geographic Distribution: USSR (Kazakhstan).

Prevalence: Unknown.

Morphology: This species was described by Paichuk (1953). The oocysts are short-oval, subspherical or spherical, and grey. The short-oval forms are 25 to 32 by 23 to 29 u with a mean of 27.9 by 26.0 u; the spherical forms are 26 to 32 u in diameter with a mean of 27.7 u. The oocyst wall is smooth, bright yellow, 3 u thick, and composed of 3 layers. A micropyle is apparently absent. The oocysts sometimes have 2 sporoblasts when passed. Oocyst polar granules are present. An oocyst residuum is absent. The sporocysts are oval or ovoid with a pointed end, 12 to 19 by 9 to 12 u with a mean of 15.5 by 10.8 u. A sporocyst residuum is present. The sporozoites are short-oval, 6 by 4 u. The sporulation time is 5 days.

Life Cycle: Unknown.

Pathogenesis: Unknown.