Giardia Cati

Synonyms: Giardia felis.

Host: Cat.

Location: Small intestine, large intestine. Hitchcock and Malewitz (1956) noted G. cati trophozoites thruout the small intestine, cecum and colon (except at the pyloric valve) of a naturally infected 64-day-old kitten in Michigan. They were most numerous in the lower part of the small intestine.

Geographic Distribution: North America (United States), Europe (France).

Prevalence: Hitchcock (1953) found Giardia in 8 of 14 kittens in Michigan.

Morphology: It is quite likely that this species is a synonym of G. canis. The trophozoites are 10 to 18 u long and 5 to 9 u wide with a mean of 13 by 7 u. The median bodies are bars of the duodenalis type. The cysts are 10.5 u long and 7 u wide.

Pathogenesis: Unknown. The infected cats studied by Hitchcock (1953) and Hitchcock and Malewitz (1956) apparently had no signs of enteritis.