Eimeria Piriformis

Host: Domestic rabbit.

Location: Small and large intestines.

Geographic Distribution: Europe (France, Hungary).

Prevalence: Relatively uncommon. This species has been found in both wild and captive domestic rabbits.

Morphology: The oocysts are piriform to ovoid, smooth, yellowish brown, 26 to 32 by 17 to 21 u with a mean of 29 by 18 u. A micropyle is present. An oocyst polar granule and oocyst residuum are absent. A sporocyst residuum is present. The sporulation time is 2 days.

Life Cycle: The life cycle of this species does not appear to have been worked out in detail. The life cycle described by Pellerdy (1953) for "E. piriformis" is actually that of E. intestinalis. The prepatent period is 9 days.

Pathogenesis: Unknown.