Eimeria Perminuta

Host: Pig.

Location: Unknown. Oocysts found in feces.

Geographic Distribution: Worldwide.

Prevalence: Yakimoff et al. (1936) found this species in 18% of 141 pigs in Russia. Yakimoff (1936) found it in 45% of 53 pigs in Brazil.

Morphology: This species was first described by Henry (1931) from pigs in California. The oocysts are ellipsoidal to spherical, 11 to 16 by 10 to 13 u. The oocyst wall is rough, yellowish, and apparently composed of a single layer. A micropyle is absent. An oocyst polar granule is present. No other morphological information is known. The sporulation time is 11 days.

Life Cycle: Unknown.

Pathogenesis: Unknown.