Eimeria Parvula

Host: Domestic goose.

Location: Small intestine, primarily posterior part.

Geographic Distribution: Europe.

Prevalence: This species is common in geese in Hungary, according to Kotlan (1933).

Morphology: This species was described by Kotlan (1933). The oocysts are spherical or subspherical, smooth, colorless, delicate, 10 to 15 by 10 to 14 u, without a micropyle. No other morphological details were given.

Life Cycle: Unknown. According to Kotlan (1933), the endogenous stages are found almost exclusively in the epithelial cells of the villi. Oocysts first appear in the feces 5 days after infection.

Pathogenesis: According to Kotlan (1933), this species is non-pathogenic.