Eimeria Elongata

Synonym: Eimeria neoleporis Carvalho, 1942 (?).

Host: Domestic rabbit.

Location: Unknown, presumably intestine.

Geographic Distribution: Europe (France).

Prevalence: Unknown.

Morphology: The oocysts are slightly greyish, elongate ellipsoidal with almost straight sides, 35 to 40 by 17 to 20 u. The oocyst wall is thin. The micropyle is broad and easily visible. An oocyst polar granule and oocyst residuum are absent. The sporocysts are elongate. A sporocyst residuum is present, and almost as long as the sporocysts. The sporulation time is 4 days.

Life Cycle: Unknown.

Pathogenesis: Unknown.

Remarks: Becker (1956) believed that this species and E. neoleporis from the cottontail might be the same, and I agree. However, it is probably best to retain both names pending further research.