Babesia Vogeli

Synonym: Babesia major Reichenow, 1935.

Host: Dog.

Location: Erythrocytes.

Geographic Distribution: Southern Asia, North Africa.

Morphology: This species is somewhat larger than B. canis.

Life Cycle: Similar to that of B. canis. The vector is Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Shortt, 1936). Transmission occurs thru the egg and stage-to-stage.

Pathogenesis: This species is less pathogenic than B. canis, but the disease it causes is otherwise similar.

Immunity: Dogs infected with this species are not resistant to infection with B. canis transmitted by Dermacentor, which is the reason that Reichenow (1935) separated the two species. Some authors, however, (e.g., Poisson, 1953) consider them synonymous.

Treatment: Same as for B. canis.