Babesia Taylori

Synonym: Piroplasma taylori.

Host: Goat.

Location: Erythrocytes.

Geographic Distribution: India.

Morphology: This is a small species, the trophozoites measuring about 2 by 1.5 u when there is a single one per host cell, down to 1 u or less in diameter when there are several. The trophozoites are mostly ovoid or round, rarely piriform. The host cell is enlarged. Division is by binary or quadruple fission. Many erythrocytes contain 8 or even 16 parasites, which Sarwar thought were produced by multiple fission. The host erythrocytes are enlarged. Extracellular dividing forms are common.

Pathogenesis: According to Sarwar (1934), this species is probably pathogenic. Hemoglobinuria is not produced, however.